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Hello, My Name is Jim Smith  by  Jim Smith

Hello, My Name is Jim Smith by Jim Smith
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The first great read in years. It works nicely while in the lieu. The first in a collection of stories to be told by its Author Jim Smith. A man who has traveled the world, served in the Marines and the US Army, has worked for companies like Apple, Google, UPS, The University of Michigan and the US Government. He is a NRA certified Firearms Instructor who has also taught Tennis, Delivered Meat, Built Houses, Ran a Marathon, Walked 60 miles, Fed the Homeless, Been Homeless, Lived with the Maori and Aboriginee and a lot of other cool things.

These are his stories and are merely for your enjoyment while you take a crap or are waiting for your microwave dinner to nuke your food. Vol 1 is a little over 10,000 words with other volumes being about that same size. Look for Stories from the Marines, Story from the Porn Shop, Stories from the Resort, Stories from the Plane, Stories from the Bus...and Stories that have yet to occur....oooo.....

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